Hello! I'm Becky -- serial creative, adventure writer and hopeful human.

I'm working on several projects at the moment:

First, I'm writing The Intrepid Starling, the story of a young woman traveling the world to explore how others "make home" and to find a home for her own heart.  This is my second novel in real-time, which means the story is unfolding before your eyes—and mine, too!  New chapters are written throughout the week based on my current travels and shared online for your reading pleasure.  (My first novel, The Audacious Magpie, is a 160-page love letter to New York.  It is now available on Amazon.)

Second, I've created the companion website for The Intrepid Starling, called Home IS.  The website celebrates the homes of everyday people from around the world with home tours from places like China, Cameroon, Colombia and beyond!

Third, I'm writing blog posts about my current adventure of going freelance on the website Take Back Monday.  The website is an extension of a book I co-authored earlier this year with a childhood friend.  In it, we profile 20 people who have custom built a life they love.  Through each profile, readers can take an inside look into what living a dream really looks like—from the fears and setbacks to the freedom and fulfillment.  

Finally, I'm over the moon about launching the 1 to 100 project on September 1, 2015.  For two years, I have been sitting on this idea and I'm thrilled to finally bring it to life!  The concept:  Ask the same question to 100 people, ages 1 to 100.  Share their photos and answers via Instagram (@1_to_100) over the course of 100 days.  Anyone with the same age being profiled that day is encouraged to join the conversation and share their own answer in the comments.  The goal is to celebrate the diversity across a single age group (as a 45 year old, you can hear from other 45 year olds and share your perspective) and bridge the differences between age groups (as a 27 year old, you may find that an 88 year old speaks directly to your heart).  If you are interested in sharing a photo of you or a loved one in the next series, please contact me!