A List of 101 Things Achieved in 30 Years

#3: write a list of 101 things I’ve already achieved in life

  1. earned a Master's Degree
  2. earned a Bachelor's Degree
  3. earned a high school diploma
  4. studied abroad
  5. worked abroad
  6. volunteered abroad
  7. researched abroad
  8. skinny dipped abroad
  9. went on safari
  10. saw the Eiffel Tower
  11. saw Notre Dame
  12. saw the Empire State Building
  13. saw the Statue of Liberty
  14. saw Victoria Falls
  15. saw the David
  16. saw the Colosseum
  17. saw the Sistine Chapel
  18. saw Mt. Kilimanjaro
  19. saw Yosemite
  20. saw Delicate Arch
  21. saw Murray's smokestacks
  22. learned French
  23. learned Swahili
  24. learned Spanish
  25. learned American Sign Language
  26. ran 2 sprint triathlons
  27. ran several 5Ks
  28. ran a 10K
  29. hiked Angel's Landing
  30. hiked to Delicate Arch
  31. hiked Ensign Peak
  32. led several student organizations
  33. led a nonprofit organization
  34. led a humanitarian mission
  35. ran a small business
  36. programmed a film series
  37. started a language exchange program at my university
  38. ran a neighborhood carnival
  39. took a gelato-making class
  40. took a stained glass window-making class
  41. took a bartending class
  42. took a ceramics class
  43. took a Latin dancing class
  44. took a karate class
  45. took a swimming class
  46. took a harmonica class
  47. hosted a Thanksgiving dinner
  48. hosted a petite holiday fete
  49. hosted an Oscars party
  50. hosted a pumpkin carving party
  51. threw a surprise party
  52. taught English to adults
  53. taught crafts to kids
  54. received a Davis Peace Project grant
  55. presented the Davis Peace Project to a professional board
  56. led a team to raise $30,000+ for a Sub for Santa
  57. rowed a boat in Central Park
  58. rowed a boat in Stratford Upon Avon
  59. kayaked on the Amalfi Coast
  60. attended a Kenyan wedding
  61. attended a French wedding
  62. attended a Tanzanian wedding
  63. attended a Mexican wedding
  64. attended an Indian wedding
  65. attended a Californian wedding
  66. attended a Utahn wedding
  67. did a voice over for a play
  68. played in a piano recital
  69. performed in a musical
  70. sang in a choir
  71. wrote a book
  72. won a photo contest
  73. learned to play the piano
  74. learned to play the violin
  75. learned to make chocolate mousse
  76. learned how to boil an egg
  77. learned to ski
  78. learned to swim
  79. learned to ride a bike
  80. learned to ice skate
  81. self-taught how to repair the toilet flushing mechanism
  82. self-taught how to mount a shelf
  83. learned how to check a car's oil
  84. learned how to change a car tire
  85. sold a car
  86. furnished and decorated three apartments
  87. volunteered as a French interpreter for the Sundance Film Festival
  88. contributed to a literary magazine
  89. wrote a published article
  90. received a scholarship for university
  91. moved to New York, NY
  92. moved to Annecy, France
  93. moved to Logan, UT
  94. saw Billy Joel in concert
  95. saw Rufus Wainwright in concert
  96. saw Adele in concert
  97. saw Imogen Heap in concert
  98. saw Erasure in concert
  99. saw Les Miserables in London
  100. saw Newsies in New York
  101. saw Phantom of the Opera in Salt Lake City