Paying it Forward

#85: reverse pick pocket someone

While this particular event took place somewhat serendipitously, I'm counting the outcome as a completion of this goal as I may not have followed this course of action without it.

After a glorious 3 1/2 mile run in Central Park, I was winding my way home and spotted a few bills on the ground - picked it up and it was $16!  I looked around to see if anyone had dropped it and asked a couple close by if it was theirs.  After not finding the owner, and following the advice of my friend with whom I was speaking on the phone, I kept the cash and decided that I'd spread the good will.

To my good fortune, I found the Coolhaus truck just outside of Central Park at 80th Street.  This gourmet ice cream sandwich truck is one of NYC's best food trucks with ice cream flavors like fried chicken ice cream and salted carmel, smooshed in between snickerdoodle or velvet cupcake cookies.  I decided on Oreo Heckman in a Hotcake cookie.

efore heading to enjoy this deliciousness, I asked the sweet gal running the stand if she'd do me a favor.  She energetically agreed to my plan that the remaining cash should go toward paying for the next person's ice cream sandwich and then the rest to the tip jar.  It was fun to spread the luck and while I do feel sorry for the bloke who lost the $16, maybe he'll be the recipient of the nice gesture from someone who was the recipient of a nice gesture from someone who was a recipient of a free Coolhaus ice cream sandwich.

ice cream sandwich.jpg

A funny side note to this story is that I lost $15 during my first few months in the City.  I'd like to think that this was NYC's way of paying me back with interest - now you can cross this goal off of your list, Big Apple.