The Dirty D.

#26: travel to Senegal

The Dirty D. - an questionable nickname for Dakar, given that it is one of the brightest and most beautiful places I've been.  Gorgeous ocean views abound as traffic glides along the Corniche, moving between Les Almadies with its massive statue saluting the African Renaissance into a buzzing downtown so full of life.  For me, Senegal was vibrant, relaxed, creative, colorful, warm, bright, welcoming - a brilliant mix of Arabic, French and indigenous culture.

Huge thanks to my dear friend Megan and other great hosts - Abba, Alison and Jill.  It was excellent to explore with them as we:

  • gallavanted in St. Louis
  • learned Sambar dance from a fantastic trio of teachers
  • wandered gobstruck through the fish market
  • picnicked at sunset by the lighthouse
  • watched the filming of Senegalese Baywatch
  • lunched at Chez Carla on Ngor Island
  • puzzled over the film Hyenes at Alliance Francaise and then dined on magnificent cheese and charcuterie
  • delighted in the beautiful murals on several buildings, giving life and warmth to the quartiers
  • enjoyed the personalized songs of the guitarist at L'Endroit
  • marveled at Patio's mirror dancing
  • cooled from the heat of Senegal in various beautiful pools around the city
  • refreshed with bissap after a morning of exploration on picturesque Goree Island