Sharing the Love

#100: send a care package (drawn at random) to someone who follows this blog

In all fairness, I didn't draw this person at random, nor was what I sent "care package" in the typical sense, but I simply had to share one of my favorite new books with my sister.

I Am the Messenger is the story of Ed Kennedy, an Australian cabdriver who is generally stuck in the day-to-day. He's madly in love with his best friend, devoted to his dog and his main hobby is playing cards. One day, his life is turned upside-down when an ace of diamonds arrives in the mail.  Throughout the story, Ed must work his way through the diamonds, clubs, spades and most importantly, the hearts. 

The story is utterly endearing and the messages are sweetly subtle, allowing deep reflection on life while enjoying a thrilling plotline.  For me, reading this story allowed a great escape while also altering my perspective on reality.  It made me look at the world with more hope and more love.  There is great power in writing that moves the reader in such a way.

You'll see a bit more how it moved me in the next two posts, but you'll like to know that my sister finished the book the day after it arrived in the mail!