Delicious Ambiguity

#99: write a poem for someone who requests it on this blog

My sweet niece recently sent me a charming handwritten letter.  She closed it by politely asking if she might request a poem.  I was happy to oblige.

I read a beautiful thought today about 'delicious ambiguity.' 

The idea that life is delightful because it is uncertain. 

So much of the beauty and the joy

Lies in the inherent mystery of what will unfold

The next moment

The next day

The next year

When one lives in the confidence, 

That the world will continue to offer up its bounty, 

It is then that we suck the marrow from life, 

Knowing that it will not run dry, 

While we are here to feast. 

So, pull up a seat, whet your appetite -  

A plate of the most delicious ambiguity is about to be served.