#35: meditate every day for one month


Mindfulness in Plain English guided me in this meditation practice.  You can find a complimentary copy online here.  I highly recommend this text for anyone who wants to teach themselves the beautiful art of mindfulness in daily living.

This March, I combined a month of meditation with a month of eating natural foods in an effort to bring my body/mind connection back into equilibrium after the long winter. 

The meditation was a lovely piece of this combination and I think I only understood how much it helped when I stopped practicing it in the first days of April.  It caused me to reflect and write this "Ode to Meditation" on the subway last night:

Is a rushing river calmer for having passed through a still and steady pool? 


Perhaps it is during this time of slowing

that the river remembers the sun and shady trees along the bank -

and so,

when it rushes on again 

nods to them and

acknowledges their presence -

even in his rushing -

thanking the stillness for reminding him of their being there.