Innards Peace

#49: eat "clean" for one month (no processed foods)

I used the blog 100 Days of Real Food as my guide on the rules of "eating clean."  This was a wonderfully challenging month during which I cooked more than I have all year. 

I also found delicious new combinations that I never knew I'd love so much, such as whole natural yogurt, honey and pecans mixed together - it is heavenly.  used the Recipe Index on the 100 Days of Real Food blog.  Pecan Maple Breakfast Cookies were a staple for morning and evening.  Peanut Butter Banana Smoothies became an afternoon indulgence or my version of late-night ice cream.

Overall, I loved this experiment.  I did feel much more healthy and whole.  I also - unexpectedly - developed an empathy for others with diet restrictions, whether through choice or biology. 

I only broke down 3 times - once to have Vitamin Water when my natural turkey didn't agree with me and I had to replenish electrolytes.  A second time when one of the sweetest 4-year-olds I know asked me to eat "popcorns" with him.  And third - three weeks in - when 2 friends celebrated birthdays with decadent mini cupcakes.