From Dawn to Dusk to Midnight

#6: walk the entire length of Broadway

10 intrepid travelers gathered in the Bronx at 9am on June 1, 2013 to cross the bridge and walk the length of Manhattan.

Each had been assigned a series of blocks during which to plan 3 activities. 

The journey led us to previously-unexplored destinations - the oldest farmhouse in Manhattan, Alexander Hamilton's House and Zucotti Park. 

We reflected on what New York had taught us over the years, what were the stories of those we passed and where would we live if we could choose any neighborhood. 

We stopped for fresh mangoes, Hungarian pastries, homemade cookies and gyros to fuel our fire. 

13 miles and 15 hours later - just before midnight - 5 victors remained to bask in glory at the edge of Battery Park, gazing across the water towards Lady Liberty. 

And then they took the 1 train home.