A little side project inspired by Day Zero.  101 in 1001 challenges the goal setter to accomplish 101 goals in 1001 days.

Bold indicates the goal was accomplished.  Italics indicates a comparable activity was accomplished.

  1. write a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days
  2. write a letter to myself to be opened when 1001 days is over
  3. write a list of 101 things I've already achieved in life
  4. race in an Olympic triathlon
  5. run a 5K Rugged Maniac race
  6. walk the entire length of Broadway
  7. do the Five Boro Bike Tour in NYC
  8. bike from NYC to DC
  9. join a soccer team
  10. hike on a part of the Appalachian trail
  11. take a tap dance class
  12. get a massage
  13. read One Hundred Years of Solitude
  14. read The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay
  15. read A Moveable Feast
  16. read What is the What
  17. read all of Maurice Sendak's books
  18. write an email to a favorite author
  19. watch The Godfather trilogy
  20. watch The Lord of the Rings trilogy in Italian
  21. take a beginning Italian class
  22. learn all of the countries on a map
  23. be able to identify all 50 states on the US map (without a map)
  24. take an online class
  25. learn 3 good jokes
  26. travel to Senegal
  27. travel to Australia
  28. travel to Fire Island
  29. travel to Aruba
  30. travel to Hong Kong
  31. travel to Utah
  32. see the Northern Lights
  33. see Mt. Rushmore
  34. spend a week in an Ashram
  35. meditate every day for one month
  36. attend a religious service
  37. eat at Per Se
  38. eat at ABC Kitchen
  39. try a new vegetable or fruit
  40. bake a chocolate cake
  41. cook a turkey
  42. cook a six course meal for friends
  43. host a fancy dress and fancy eats party
  44. make coq au vin
  45. fry donuts
  46. grow an herb garden
  47. eat a vegan diet for a week
  48. fast for 24 hours
  49. eat "clean" for one month (no processed foods)
  50. learn to ride a motorcycle
  51. cross three states by motorcycle
  52. learn to ride a skateboard
  53. cross three streets by skateboard
  54. parasail
  55. kayak in the Hudson
  56. camp
  57. ride a horse
  58. milk a cow
  59. fly a kite
  60. plant a tree
  61. see a screen actor in a live performance
  62. see Shakespeare in the Park
  63. see the NYC Ballet
  64. see a play at the Signature Theater
  65. see a play at the new theater at Lincoln Center
  66. make a short film
  67. write a play
  68. read a play out loud with friends
  69. write a poem about New York
  70. read a poem at an Open Mic night
  71. write letters to 10 people that I haven't spoken to in 1+ year
  72. answer the "50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind"
  73. send a poem of the day (written by others) to close friends for one month
  74. completely empty both email inboxes
  75. get on "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me: Listener Limerick Challenge"
  76. have photos of my apartment posted on a design blog
  77. buy a pair a red heels
  78. buy a pair of running shoes
  79. buy an old-fashioned swimsuit
  80. buy a great reading chair
  81. buy a piece of art from Etsy
  82. raise $1,000 for an organization I love
  83. attend a Columbia alumni event
  84. attend a neighborhood meeting
  85. reverse pick pocket someone
  86. bring someone flowers
  87. leave 100% tip (not at Per Se)
  88. learn 500 new words in Swahili
  89. learn 500 new words in French
  90. pay 50% of my student debt
  91. run 1,000 miles
  92. swim 200 miles
  93. volunteer 200 hours
  94. read my height in books
  95. watch 26 movies I've never seen starting with a different letter of the alphabet
  96. meet 20 new people working in my field
  97. leave a note in a book for a stranger to find
  98. complete a dare proposed by someone who reads this blog
  99. write a poem for someone who requests it on this blog
  100. send a care package (drawn at random) to someone who follows this blog
  101. make a new 101 in 1001 list