A Beautiful Customer Service Call

One of the greatest new podcasts out there is Mystery Show.

The host—Starlee Kine—solves mysteries that can’t be solved by using the Internet.

I was totally entranced by episode two.

In the show, Starlee goes on a search to find out why Britney Spears was photographed holding a book written by Starlee’s friend. Who gave her the that book?!

The second question, of course—Did Britney like it?

If you don’t have time to listen to the entire episode—which you should do when you have a spare hour—here is the first part of my favorite conversation from the show.

This conversation occurs when Starlee calls the Ticketmaster support line. She asks Dennis for information about a $2,500 package she’s purchased to “meet and greet” Britney before the show:

Starlee: “Do you think maybe I could bring a book that she would sign?”

Dennis: “You know, I wouldn’t be able to guarantee it.”

Starlee: “If you had to guess a genre of book that Britney Spears would read, what would you guess?”

Dennis: “Hmmm.”

Starlee: “This is what I’m going to ask her when I go, because I think I get one question.”

Dennis: “I’d think you’d get more than one question!”

Starlee: “I know, right? For that amount of money?”

Dennis: [Laughs]

Starlee: “I know. You can say it. We can all agree this a crazy amount of money to spend on this.”

Dennis: “Yes.”

Starlee: “Yes. [Laughs]”

Dennis: “I do believe you actually have the best VIP, if you would.”

Starlee: “Oh, okay.”

Dennis: “So that means it would come with the most amenities and everything.”

Starlee: “So maybe I get two questions!”

Dennis: “Quite possibly. [Laughs] Don’t quote me on that.”

Starlee: “Okay. So if one of my questions is—I want to ask her about this one book. What should my other question be, you think? If I get two. What do you want to know?”

Dennis: “Hmmm. Maybe something about her success. To see if success changed her or if it’s helped her. I mean, because I’ve seen some of the stuff in the media and I know that she started off real successful and a role model for some people, if you would, and then she kind of had a downslide and then she kind of picked herself back up and now she’s kind of rising back up.

“I would ask how it feels to be that inspiration, that you know you can mess up and make mistakes and then go and change the way your life is.”

Starlee: “Do you have role models in your life that inspire you?”

Dennis: “Um, sort of. I mean, my mom would probably be the closest one. She did raise me and all my brothers by herself. I have six brothers total. You know, my dad passed away when I was five.”

Starlee: “Oh, really?”

Dennis: “Yeah. So she had to raise all of us. She had to work two jobs and work a lot. And we all reminded her of my dad and she loved my dad. It takes a toll on you, losing someone like that.”

Starlee: “Do you remember him?”

Dennis: “Um, slightly. I remember playing games, like dog pile and stuff, and a couple other things like that.”

Starlee: “You guys must have had a good dog pile if there were so many of you, right?”

Dennis: “[Laughs] Yeah.”

Starlee: “Are you the youngest?”

Dennis: “I’m the second youngest, actually.”

Starlee: “So you were pretty close to the top of the dog pile? Or the bottom? How does it work? The little ones get all piled on, right?”

Dennis: “Yeah, it’s just a random game and sometimes you’re at the top, sometimes you’re at the bottom.”

Starlee: “[Laughs] That’s kind of like Britney, right? Sometimes she’s at the top, sometimes she’s at the bottom.”

Dennis: “[Laughs] Yeah!  I guess so.”

Starlee: “It’s like, maybe life is just one big dog pile.”

Dennis: “Wow.”

Starlee: “Did I just blow your mind right there?”

Dennis: “That’s pretty deep.”

Starlee: “Are you being sarcastic or do you mean it—that it’s pretty deep?”

Dennis: “Oh, no, for real! I didn’t even think of how that applies when I said that. Sometimes you’re at the top, sometimes you’re at the bottom. It refers to everything we were just talking about.

“I don’t think this applies to customer service! [Laughs].”

Starlee: “I like to ask questions.”

Dennis: “I got that feeling. That’s a good thing.  You’re curious and more people should be curious about other people and not just focus on themselves. I mean, I believe the purpose of life is each other. If everyone cared about everyone else then nobody would have to care about themselves.”


The conversation goes on and is a super tender exchange. It is a rare and beautiful customer service phone call. It makes you think about how we treat each other face-to-face and across the line.

I hope you enjoy.  Happy Sunday, all!