Excellent Background Music for Working

Recently, The New York Times outed a little secret about New Yorkers — a secret many of us may share:

The headphones are in, but nothing’s playing. In a world of open work plans, headphones are the only “do not disturb” signs we have left.

While I've used this charade a time or two, I still need some noise in those ear buds if I really want to zone out.

My go-to was once classical music, but its interplay of crescendos and diminuendos doesn’t offer a consistent sound buffer. When Mozart's medleys tiptoe along, ambient conversations filter in.

Then, one day last year, Songza’s music concierge introduced me to an entirely new genre and I’ve been hooked every since.

Psybient is dreamy music — a soundtrack for flying in outer space. The rhythm is energetic and slightly moody.  An underlying beat keeps the volume steady, while pulses, brushes and waves of sound keep it interesting.

This otherworldly music is also called psychill, chillgressive and psychedelic.  Whatever its hallucinatory nickname, it's a powerful noise canceler.

As I write this, I’m listening to my favorite mix by Johnny Blue.  Other favorites include Ott’s One Day I Wish to Have this Kind of Time and RaverJedi’s Psybient Mix 1.

If you’re like me and need more than air in your headphones, give psybient a try. I look forward to hearing what you think.