Two Instagram Accounts to Make You Smile


Not sure about you, but I'm constantly curating my Instagram feed.  Following new accounts, stepping back from old favorites, mixing it up for a perfect combo of inspiration and entertainment.

There are two accounts I especially love because they guarantee a smile.  Every time.

@bowling4rhinos is the work of Carolyn Gair, an "artist, filmmaker and conduit for strangeness" based in LA.  Her stop motion vignettes are quirky and delightfully irreverent.

Her first post in March shows a plastic tyrannosaurus eating toy sheep only to have them jump out of a hole where his arm once fit.  

You'll find Stonehenge reconstructed in toast, an wizard casting spells to move to the front of the port-o-potty line, and a pig riding his motorcycle to the movies.

Over these past few months, I've totally fallen for her little characters.  "Oh!" I think. "The polar bear is back.  I wonder how things are going between him and zebra."  

Wonder what in the world I'm talking about?  Carolyn's feed reveals all.


@10secondswithgma is a behind-the-scenes look into Patsy's life.  This 83-year-old firecracker lights up the screen with her joy and enthusiasm.

"I'm an app?" she asks the camera in one post. "How can I be an app? I'm not an app," she dismisses the idea. "Am I a post?" she then wonders.  "What am I?" 

Her followers have the answer:

"You are amazing."

"You're just the sweetest."

"You're an awesome gran, that's what."

Give her a follow and fall in love.