Write for One, Write for a Million

Recently, I met a successful blogger and asked her, “What advice would you give to someone just starting out in this space?"

After a moment of consideration, she answered “Write each post as if a million people will read it. You should always write something you would be proud to share with a million people."

I love this advice.  

Along with her wisdom, I’m giving myself a second piece of direction.  Write for the one.  

Write for the friend who asks for tips on surviving a long-haul flight.  Write for the fellow intrepid who wonders about taking an overnight bus from Nairobi to Dar es Salaam. Write for the old schoolmate who shares an urgency to love on life. Write for the reader who simply wants to hear a friendly voice amidst all the noise online.

On that note, I should admit I really wrestled with the notion of starting a blog.  Do I really need to add more noise to the online world?

The answer I’ve settled on — which comes during moments of stillness and joy — is yes.  I have given myself permission to add to the noise if the sound I’m bringing is the pitter patter of my heart.

My goal for this blog is that it will be a little spot of sunshine on the Internet — a cozy fireside to warm your social-media-stormed soul.

All of the experts say content is king.  So, dear reader — dear one — I promise to share only the kingliest of thoughts.  Those that rise above all others and make it to the throne of 'worth sharing.'  I’ll write them just for you…

...and the other 999,999 others who may join you someday.