Southern Sweden's Coziest Cafe

In the middle of Sweden’s quaint beach towns, there is a beautiful dirt road.

Built atop an old rail line, it is straight as an arrow and bordered by thick forest. It is a walker’s paradise and a bike rider’s boon.

At the end of the path, when the trees open up in Hollviken, there is a most welcome surprise—Ulrikas.


Tucked inside a tiny old train station, this café and gift shop are the perfect resting spot.  A slice of flourless chocolate cake buoys the body.  Views from the patio buoy the soul.

Pink wallpaper brightens each corner of the cozy sitting rooms.  You'll have a hard time resisting baked goods that are as eye-catching as the walls. 

To top it all off, you'll be greeted with a friendly smile and kindness warm enough to thaw your frost-kissed cheeks.

When I visited, Ulrika's husband was there to greet me on a cold autumn afternoon.  He welcomed me into the warm space and made me feel as comfortable as a regular, even though my accent gave away my foreign-ness.  He didn't mind me photographing my fika from every angle and asking a dozen questions about the train station, the trail, the town or how he and his wife started the place.

Midway through an otherwise solitary afternoon, this was a welcome connection and lovely conversation.

So, my friend, if you ever find yourself in southern Sweden and need a cozy place to rest awhile, stop by Ulrikas and be enchanted.