Why Gus?

Gus is the main character in my first novel, The Audacious Magpie.  More importantly, Gus = the Good in us, a notion this website seeks to celebrate.

Where are you based?

My second novel, The Intrepid Starling, is based on travel and making 'home' around the world.  As such, I'm generally on the road!  The Carmen Sandiego theme song is a pretty appropriate soundtrack for my life.

Who made those cookies in the picture?!

2AmisBake!  Their cookies are divine.  (The brownies are from Trader Joe's.)

Have you written anything else?

Yes! In 2015 I released the book Take Back Monday, which I coauthored with one of my dearest childhood friends.  Take Back Monday profiles 20 people who have custom built a life they love.  Get an inside look into each of their lives and discover what living a dream really looks like--from the fear and setbacks to the freedom and fulfillment.